Information Collection and Privacy Statement

Thanks for your attention to NAURA Group, and hope that you will carefully read the following contents when you visit the website.You will be deemed to have comprehensively and carefully read, understood and be willing to conform to,the following information upon your browse.

NAURA Group respects and makes great efforts to protect any private information and data (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) that you offer when using our website. NAURA Group will strictly conform to all laws and regulations, and all rules of the government and supervision departments related to collection, use and disclosure of personal information. NAURA Group undertakes that it will not illegally rent or sell your personal information.

You agree that NAURA Group renders collection, statistics, analysis and reasonable application of your login time, IP address, visit times, page detention time, keyword search, downloading and other information and habits related to your site visiting and browsing.

If you decide to register when the website of NAURA Group offers user registration service:

-You shall guarantee legality, authenticity and completeness of all information filled in by you; and

-You will not provide or publish any content suspected of slander, rumormongering, obscenity or infringement; and

-You agree that your personal information will be collected, analyzed and reasonably used by us; and

-The behavior that you fill in your telephone and email address on this website will be deemed as your consent to accept that NAURA Group contacts you or sends messages to the telephone or email address above. You agree that NAURA Group and any of its subsidiary corporations contact you for any product and service that may attract you (unless otherwise you have expressed your unwillingness to receive such messages); and

-You agree that we disclose your personal information when we are required by such authorities as judicial department, government and supervision department according to the law to do so; and

-You shall safeguard your password. Whilst we strive to guarantee the security of your personal information during storage and disposition, you shall not disclose your log-in password or account data to anyone, in order to protect your personal information. When you log in our website especially via a computer of others or a public Internet terminal, please be sure to click “Log out securely” after completing your operation. Your efforts and assistance are highly important for us to protect your personal information;  and

-You agree that we make any modification to any term of Information Collection and Privacy Statement in the future. The Information Collection and Privacy Statement may be altered from time to time (without notification to you in advance). Any modification caused to the Information Collection and Privacy Statement will be published in “Privacy Statement” on our website, and please keep you properly informed.

We will adopt all reasonable and sufficient protective measures to safeguard security of personal information:

-Only staff with authorization of NAURA Group and required to acquire shall have the authority to access to your personal information. Such staff shall abide by our internal rules relative to confidentiality of personal data.

-We will apply encryption technology to transmission of your personal information and our network server is under protection of a “firewall”. Notwithstanding all foregoing protective measures, we are still unable to guarantee the absolute security of transmission of your personal information on Internet; therefore, we cannot make an absolute undertaking that the personal data offered by you to us through our website is secure all the time. You agree not to therefore attribute the liability for information leakage to NAURA Group.

If you are aware of any loophole in terms of security on our website, please contact us in a timely manner so that we can take proper measures as soon as we can.