Compliance reporting guidelines

Scope of compliance reporting

You can report the following behaviors: the company's current or former employees or business partners such as customers and suppliers related to NAURA violate laws and regulations, regulatory requirements, professional ethics or the company's compliance management requirements, causing losses or potential risks to the company. Including Infringement and possession of company property, bribery, financial fraud or other commercial fraud, disclosure of the company's confidential information or trade secret information, violation of conflict of interest management, unfair competition, or other violations of criminal or administrative laws or the codes of business conduct.

Method of compliance reporting

Please read the statement of compliance reporting carefully before reporting. When you report compliance through the following methods, it is deemed that you have read, understood and accepted the statement of compliance reporting:

(1) Email:,

(2) Telephone: 010-57840290, 010-56178983

(3) Mailing address of the report letter: No. 8, Wenchang Avenue, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing (100176),  addressee: Legal compliance department of NAURA Technology Group Co., Ltd. or Compliance department of Beijing NAURA Microelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

(4) In person: people in company can also go directly to the compliance department to report the situation face to face.

Statement of compliance reporting

NAURA has always attached importance to and continued to create an environment of integrity and compliance, adheres to a compliant and efficient business policy, and requires every employee to conduct business in a legal and compliant manner. The company opens clear compliance monitoring and reporting channels to ensure that existing or potential misconduct is reported in a timely manner, and conducts a comprehensive investigation and clarification that complies with the process.

You can report in real name or anonymously. The company encourages real-name reporting. Real-name reporting is conducive to more effective compliance investigations. Real-name reporting will be given priority.

The company will take appropriate confidentiality measures to ensure the security of the informant's information. The company's reporting mailbox and telephone are checked and answered by the compliance department. The telephone may be recorded, and the compliance officer may contact you and ask some questions or ask for more information. You can choose among the reporting methods provided by us, but in order to ensure the security of your personal information, we do not recommend that you send the same or similar reporting content to the reporting mailbox and other mailboxes or personal mailboxes of the company at the same time. If the informant does not want someone outside the compliance department to know your name, please explain it in the reporting. If necessary, the information you provide may also be transferred to government departments.

The company will never allow anyone to retaliate or threaten the informant, witness and investigator. Once found, the company will thoroughly investigate and properly deal with retaliation or threats. Please don't worry when reporting.

After the case is processed, you will be notified via the email or phone reserved when reporting. For data protection and other legal reasons, the company cannot tell you the details of the findings, or any actions that may have been taken.

The informant shall be responsible for the authenticity of the reported content. For those who fabricate facts or make false accusations by reporting, NAURA reserves the right to pursue the informant according to law and regulations.